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CPA (Certified Public Accountant) credential is the only license for accounting professionals in USA and is issued by state boards of accountancy in the 55 jurisdictions to practice auditing and attestation functions. CPA license is the highest standard of competence in accounting profession across the globe. CPA profession offers unlimited possibilities for career growth and development.
The CPA exam is one of the “Three Es” (Education, Examination and Experience) required for licensure as a CPA. Although the Education and Experience requirement may vary by jurisdiction, CPA exam is uniform. The Uniform CPA exam is developed, maintained and scored by AICPA, USA in partnership with National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA).


1What are the eligibility requirements to apply for CPA exam?

    Eligibility requirements vary by jurisdiction. Each jurisdiction has specific requirements regarding education, experience and residency.

    Most of the jurisdictions would require 120 semester hours of accounting education to be eligible to write CPA exam.

    B. Com plus a postgraduation in Finance / Accounting or professional certifications like CA / CS qualify to pursue CPA.

    Indian students have to get their academic credentials evaluated through NIES (NASBA International Evaluation Services) or FACS (Foreign Academic Credentials Service).

2What is the pass rate for the CPA exam?

On average, 50% is the pass rate for CPA exam. The passing score is 75 on a 0-99 scale.

3How is the CPA exam organized?

Candidates have to pass four sections in any order within 18 months of passing the first section.

Each of the following three core sections is compulsory:

      AUD : Auditing & Attestation
      FAR : Financial Accounting & Reporting
      REG : Taxation & Regulation.

Candidates have to choose any one of the following three specializations:

      BAR : Business Analysis & Reporting
      ISC : Information Systems & Controls
      TCP : Tax Compliance & Planning
4Can I take the CPA exam in India?

Yes. Exams can be taken in India at eight Prometric test centers located in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi and Thiruvananthapuram.

5When can I take the CPA exam?

Candidates can take computer-based CPA exams in all four quarters of the year.
Candidates can choose their convenient date and schedule exams online.

Candidates can retake a failed exam section shortly after receiving their score.

6How long do I take to prepare for the exam?

FM Academy coaching would require 100 hours per section. Additionally, candidates would need an equal amount of time for intensive practice using GLEIM software to ensure a pass at the CPA exams.

7What is the cost?

The cost of evaluation and registration for the CPA exam varies for each jurisdiction and is approximately Rs. 1.4 lakh. An additional charge of Rs. 1.3 lakhs (approx.) is applicable for appearing at international testing centers.

You may please contact us regarding our coaching fees, including course materials.

8What is the timing of coaching classes?

Live online classes are customized to the time zone preferences of both overseas and domestic students.
Recorded classes will be available for later viewing.

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